About SED

Brief history of the School of Education

The School of Education was created as the fifth School in 2015 with a Department of Education Science annexed from the School of Pure and Applied Sciences. The Department was mentored for two years since its inception in September 2014. The Department housed a single program, the Bachelor of Education Science (BED Sc.) with approximately 200 students and three faculty members designated as follows: –  Dr. Rukangu S. Meru, Dean of the School; Dr. Ibuathu C. Njati, chairman of department and Ms. Rose Ndegwa teaching Communication Skill. The School had a secretary and a clerk. The Dean’s and Chairman’s offices are located in TB and ECA Blocks respectively.  Currently the School has grown to have the three departments namely:

Department of Education Science, Department of Education Arts and Department of Education Technology chaired by Dr. Hilda Nyougo Omae, Dr. Mercy Thuranira and Mr. Charles Kinuthia Mugi respectively. The current Dean of the School is Dr. Ibuathu Charles Njati.

So far the School has a total population of students approximately 1755.


The teaching, learning and training of the students within the specific discipline areas is serviced by other schools while the School of Education teaches education courses, communication skills and social science course. The existing relationship between the School of Education and other schools is symbiotic in nature as shown in figure 1